Volodymyr Motoshyn

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You have opened the personal page of Ukrainian singer Volodymyr Motoshyn.

On Web-page you have possibility will familiarize with creativity and musical achievements of the singer. To feel force and depth of a patriotic song, to plunge into the love world, to return to the childhood together with a lullaby. Following 11 songs which you can to listen on our web-resource, are a component of the future album of the executor which have been written in 2010.

We hope for support and cooperation with patrons of art on realisation of new projects, (an album of lullabies for children, and also publishing house of a poetic fairy tale, poetry and other musical projects).

Mr. Motoshyn was born in Ukraine in the Cherkassk area. Has finished studio of the Deserved chapel of bandura players of Ukraine where has been employed.

If you have desire to invite the singer for participation in various actions, cultural programs, to you are always glad and we wait for your offers.

All songs are executed in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

1) Zijshla zoria (Music and words by V.Motoshyn)

2) Narcys (Music by V.Motoshyn and words by Volodymyr Vitt)

3) Syaut ochi tvoi (Music by V.Motoshyn and words by Myhajlo Kazymyrchuk)

4) Zimnij vecher (Music and words by V.Motoshyn) in russian

5) Cina lubovi (Music and words by V.Motoshyn)

6) Lullaby "Chom ty dytyno ne spysh?" (Music by V.Motoshyn and words by Svitlana Kushniruk)

7) Lilii (Music and words by V.Motoshyn)

8) Lublu Podil, tvoi svyatyni (Music and words by V.Motoshyn)

9) Balzam (Music by V.Motoshyn and words by Myhajlo Kazymyrchuk)

10) Nema zemli takoi jak u nas (Music by V.Motoshyn and words by Vasylij Symonenko)

11) Prysyaga Ukraini (Music and words by V.Motoshyn)

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